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Sunday, May 20, 2012

An addiction to dry brushes

Fun with fighter pilots and crayon brushes.

Some more drawin's

Some assorted drawings from my concept class and other random things from this past school year:

What a cutie.

Alligator Sit Stand

Our Sit/Stand project in Computer Animation 2 was the biggest project of the year. This assignment is the culmination of everything I've learned in my first year using Maya. The 2 and a half months of work it took to finish this project were challenging, at times very stressful, and in the end incredibly rewarding. Here is some of my process work:

I started out with a simple alligator farmer design.

I knew from the start that my biggest challenge of the assignment would be modeling and rigging a character with a snout and tail. So with those obstacles in mind I made sure to keep aspects like the environment very simple.

I learned a lot about lighting and texturing throughout this assignment and I think the short ended up with the bright, cartoony aesthetic I was going for.

And here's the final piece!

Sharky Shark Simple Poly

Here are my original designs for our final assignment in Computer Animation 1.

I ended up going with the shark.

I was really happy with how the finished model turned out and this ended up being one of my favorite assignments of the year.

Concept Animatics

Here are a few of my favorite animatics from my Concept Development classes this year.

I finally found a way to incorporate my love of pugs and leather jackets into one piece: